Thursday, October 6, 2011

Web designer/journalist

We've posted a unique opportunity, or more accurately opportunities, for students with journalism and/or website and social media design, coding and development capacity, to turn our Canadian online construction publication into a much more effective online resource.

At present, the Canadian Design and Construction Report ( is housed at a website that is far from optimal.  The online magazine, which you can access through the site, is much better than its webpage home.  We want to change that -- making the website an exciting, dynamic, frequently updated location, where the magazine (updated less frequently) has a wonderful and continuing presence.

This work requires journalistic skills and imagination -- we can show you the basics of the construction industry -- but you will apply your understanding of journalism and social media to create a compelling presence -- and some basic website building and coding, ideally using the Wordpress platform (but you can suggest options. 

You may wish to work as a team; we'll be happy to create two part-time positions.

Work is primarily from your home(s), with the ability to visit our office for meetings or other efforts.  We'll invite you to our staff/office and planning meetings.

Work right now is for a four month term, but can be extended depending on how things progress.

Please submit your resume to  We'll follow up with a questionnaire to determine the short-list applications.

Compensation is $15.00 per hour, with an anticipated 20 hours (flexible schedule) each week.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Growing work

Are you ready to work hard and resourcefully (and handle some some grunt jobs), as you achieve higher levels of accomplishment? Do you want fair compensation, with a reasonable starting salary, and much personal freedom and autonomy? Then you may want to work with us as a regional publisher.

We publish regional construction newspapers in Ottawa, Toronto, metro Washington D.C. and North Carolina -- and will soon expand the business to other communities, perhaps yours! You will help build and develop the existing products and (when the time is right), participate in the business expansion.

This opportunity will appeal to you if you are interested -- and capable! -- in sales and marketing. You need to be a great salesperson, but also appreciate the background of relationships and the business environment because most people who do business with us respond less to selling than effective marketing communication.

We are currently looking for a representative based in our home area, Ottawa, Ontario, but if you are in eastern Ontario and can commute to Ottawa once every week or two, you would qualify.

If you review our websites and blogs, you'll gain an understanding of the business. Feel free to email your resume and cover letter; virtually no one is 'screened out' at the early stages.

For additional insights, you can review (for the highest understanding, you should check the earliest archived entries). For non-publisher career opportunities, visit

You can send your resume (or ask questions) by emailing, or phoning 888-432-3555

Monday, November 10, 2008

Associate Publisher -- Ontario Construction Report

This work is primarily about effective selling -- though the selling process in our business is unconventional in that the biggest sales often require the 'purchaser' to spend no money -- while achieving substantial value/results. You will spend much of your time 'connecting' in the community -- and much on the phone -- tracking down leads, arranging appointments, and selling advertising.

You will work from your own home without close supervision.

Most work is daytime business hours, but you should plan on a few evening events/meetings a month. There is little weekend work. You should have access to your own transportation.

Experience in sales work is useful, but not essential -- we can show you the ropes if you have the right attributes.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email your resume to We'll send you a questionnaire which you need to complete to receive further consideration.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Freelance Writers -- Northern Ontario

If you are based in Sault Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, or North Bay, and would like to earn some additional monthly income, we invite you to respond to this opportunity.
Northern Ontario Construction News is a regional construction industry title serving these communities and other centres in Northern Ontario. To ensure local relevance and content, we welcome regular monthly submissions of community news and updates, along with occasional larger news features, along with assigned client-supported features. We will pay a modest minimum monthly retainer for you to write the local community news/update, with additional assignments based on your initiative and our assignments.
This work is from your home, requires you to be available during daytime business hours, and because you will need to visit job sites and contractors, you should have access to your own transportation.
Please send writing samples and published clippings by email to Matt Desrosiers at